Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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I bake all the time. I give cupcakes away sometimes too. If you Click to go to my Facebook Fan Page, and "LIKE" my page, so that you can get updates from me on Facebook from time to time, you may be one of the lucky ones to hear about my Cupcake Giveaways - which happen randomly & without warning. :)

Valentine's Day Special

I will be having an Open House style sampling of my cupcakes at Simple Pleasures hair salon in Hurricane, UT on Thursday & possibly Friday. Stop by for FREE Samples of my cupcakes and if you like them, place an order for Valentine's Day! :)

Welcome to my Sweets By Jessica Blog

If you'd like to order Cupcakes, please let me know:
Email me:
Call me: 313-2828

Mini Size - - 50¢ each
Regular Size Cupcake - - $1.25 each
Large "Muffin" Size Cupcake - - $3.00 each